Gillette Venus Content and Traffic Analysis

Project Scope

I was tasked with creating a web analytics research paper for Gillette Venus. Gillette Venus is a direct to consumer (DTC) business that sells women’s razors in the form of a subscription-based service. I was tasked with conducting traffic analysis and usability test on their online e-commerce store. I then reported on those findings and sythesized them into a single Word document.

What I learned

My web publishing course had me immersed in several important topics including, search engine optimization, usability testing, what constitutes as good value content, and much more.

  • First, I conducted research on the industry and Gillette.
  • Second, I reviewed their competition.
  • Third, I define what constitutes as quality content.
  • Fourth, I gain experience with conducting usability tests.
  • Fifth, I do some keyword research and determine what keywords might work best for Gillette.
  • Finally, I showcase some of the analytics I gathered and then make recommendations for how to improve their analytics.

Most proud of

I am most proud of the fact that I was able to synthesize all my data and observations into one final document. I am thankful that I got to learn how search engines like Google work. You can read the entire publication by clicking below if you are curious!

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