Web Development Project

Project Scope

I took a web development course at Northwest Missouri State University and the final project given to us was to create an entire website for a catering business known as, Scrumptious Catering. I worked on a team of 3 to build the entire website before our assignment deadline. The client wanted most importantly a mobile, tablet, laptop, and PC friendly website that could scale.

What I learned

I learned many things in my web development course including flexbox, grid layouts, and even mobile scalability testing. I also got to show off the website my team and I worked on to the client. I even learned how to conduct page speed reports. I learned a lot about image compression and browser compatiblity.

Most Proud Of

I am most proud of my accomplishments using flexbox. I had little idea what flexbox was prior to the course and just used bootstrap to do all the heavy lifting. Flexbox is a very neat CSS technique to help structure the layout of you page. Flex is a technique that I will continue to use for future web development projects.

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