University Marketplace Mall

While I attended Northwest Missouri State I worked for the university for four years as a 'Web Assistant'. While employed I was tasked with creating e-commerce stores for the student body. I worked with Student Account Services to develop an online hub that the University calls, "the Marketplace Mall." The Mall currently hosts several different student body and university stores.

  • Frontend Development: HTML and CSS
  • UX/UI Design: Developed frameworks and templates
  • Helped develop online e-commerce stores and central hub.
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Web Composition 1-Hour Challenge

I gave myself an hour to come up with a full web composition document. The rules were I had to have a finished homepage layout by the end of the hour. I created this web composition template to showcase my abilities in Adobe Illustrator. I have picked a random theme for my composition: "tundra" themed. I focused on learning more on type hierarchy and modern design practices as best I could.

  • Used Adobe Illustrator
  • Learned type hierarchy
  • Web Composition: UI/UX
  • Studied color theory.
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Graphic Design and Art

I have loved art ever since I was a kid. I have spent countless hours honing my drawing abilities since. I have about 10 years experience in traditional drawing. The artist in me merged with tech later. I then was interested in learning more about graphic design. I started learning how to use the Adobe Suite. I have approx. 6-7 years of experience working with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere. I am a creator at heart.

  • 10+ years of traditional art experience.
  • 6 to 7 years of Adobe Product Suite experience (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere).
  • Experience using Sketch.
  • Experience using Invision.
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Web Development Project

While I attended a web development course I got to concept and work on several exciting projects. Including this project I worked on for a Liberty, MO catering company called, "Scrumptious Catering." Scrumptious Catering tasked my team and I to develop a website for their brand all from scratch so no templates.

  • Worked on a team of student developers.
  • Attained experience working with flexbox.
  • Got really familiar with Bootstrap.
  • Learned several different HTML and CSS techniques.
  • Learned the importance of being ADA compliant.
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Web Content and Traffic Analysis

While I was enrolled in a Web Publishing course at my university I worked on and finished a publication study that carefully analyzes an existing website's content, search engine optimization techniques, traffic, engagement, and usability. The publication even provides my own recommendations for how the client can improve their web traffic using keywords and valuable content.

  • Conducted keyword research.
  • Conducted usability testing.
  • Sythesized analytics and findings into publication.
  • Recieved experience in analytics tools such as SEMRush.
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Game Development University Project

I enrolled into a game development course at my University. The course taught me many different valuable programming skills. I also really got familiar with pushing my code to Git using GitHub Desktop client.

  • GoDot Experience
  • GoDot programming language
  • Fundementals of game design
  • GitHub/Git
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