Northwest Missouri State University Award of Excellence issued to Nolan J.Harless April 5th, 2021. image showcasing the Northwest Missouri State University Marketplace Mall. image showcasing an example of one of the Marketplace stores. MOERA.

Marketplace Mall Project

Project Scope

I was tasked by my supervisor to create a webpage that could host all of the student body's stores in one place. The goal was to create a professional looking hub that the student body could access and find campus events and stores.

What I learned

I learned several different web development techniques while creating the Marketplace Mall. First, I learned how to create custom styling sheets so that the webpage would follow my University's marketing guidelines. Second, I learned how to navigate around a content management system and work with existing templates. I also gained experience in Adobe Photoshop creating custom store thumbnails.

Most Proud Of

I love that I was able to help my University using my talents in frontend development. I felt a huge sense of fulfillment knowing that I - in some small way - helped my University with developing a website that the student body will continue to use in the future. I am also proud of myself for quickly learning how to navigate around a complex content management system called Touchnet Marketplace.

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