image showcasing an iPad air mockup of the website composition created by Nolan Harless.

Web Composition 1-Hour Challenge

image showcasing a website template created by Nolan Harless. image showcasing a website template created by Nolan Harless.

Project Scope

The scope for this project was to try to create a full online homepage mockup using Adobe Illustrator in under an hour. I picked a general theme of "tundra-like weather" and then created a website composition based off that. Another goal I had in mind was to use and rely off of modern design principles such as color gradients and organic shapes.

My Process

The first thing I did was sketch out a rough thumbnail piece. The thumbnail gave me an idea on where I would place all the elements. I knew I wanted an organic shape to immediately draw the viewer in. The reason I chose an organic shape is due to the fact that the majority of matter in nature is organic and therefor relates to my main theme: "tundra." I then decided on a simple color pallette for my example. I chose really saturated cool colors to help emphasize the website's tundra theme.

What I learned

I learned a lot about hierarchy and element placement. Typically, larger and bolder font styles will be read first by the viewer. I followed that principle by making the most important bits larger and easier to see. I also learned how to justify text on a webpage in Illustrator... and that I need to work on creating better copy! I used FontAwesome for the icons. Here is their licensing agreement.

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