Northwest Missouri State University Award of Excellence issued to Nolan J.Harless April 5th, 2021. Picture of Nolan posing in his living room. picture of Nolan's university. Northwest Missouri.

So here's the rundown.


In 2015, I interviewed for a professional development organization called Northland CAPS. I was accepted into the NCAPS program in the Fall of 2015. The NCAPS program granted me the amazing opportunity as a high school student to attain real world work experiences through internships and professional development courses.

While attending the Northland CAPS I really got into web development and started to learn HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript. During the program I realized I wanted to go to a University for a bachelor of science in Computer Science.


In 2017, I graduated from Park Hill High School and started my University search. I landed on Northwest Missouri State University and enrolled in their Computer Science program. For the next four years I mantained a job as the University's web assistant where I was tasked with creating e-commerce stores for the student body.


In 2020, I attended a couple different campus organizations including, AdInk. AdInk is a university organization focused primarily on the advertisement and broadcasting industry. I held a leadership role in the AdInk organization for two semesters. AdInk allowed me to network and connect with successful alumni individuals in the advertisement and broadcasting industry.


I am about to graduate with my bachelor of science degree in Digital Media Computer Science! I am so grateful to receive so much experience at Northwest Missouri State University. I had the privilege of learning web and app development, advertising and marketing, and even design. Northwest Missouri State also provided the professional tools and connections I will need when transitioning over to the real world.

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